Vanessa Forouzan

Having navigated the real estate market through various agents, my journey had been nothing short of challenging until I met Mehran. Recommended by a friend who had a positive experience, Mehran stood out in a realm where I’ve been consistently let down. My standards are admittedly high, given the significance of buying or selling properties, and my experiences had left me wanting more. However, Mehran not only met but exceeded my expectations in a manner that was both refreshing and commendable.

What set Mehran apart was not just his ability to secure a stellar deal for my unit—selling it at a price that set a new high in my building—but also his attentiveness to my specific concerns. Past realtors had failed to truly listen or align with my needs, a cycle I dreaded repeating. Mehran, on the other hand, demonstrated a genuine commitment to understanding and addressing my concerns, making the sales process significantly less stressful than I had anticipated.

His approach to my next purchase, a presale unit, further solidified my confidence in his expertise. Mehran took the time to sit down with me, going over comps in meticulous detail, ensuring that I was making an informed decision. This level of dedication and personalized service is rare and incredibly valuable, especially in a market as complex and dynamic as real estate.

It’s important to me that anyone I recommend to my friends and family is someone who has proven themselves through exceptional service and results. Mehran has done just that. His professionalism, market knowledge, and commitment to exceeding client expectations make him a standout realtor. If you’re in search of an agent who truly cares about your real estate goals, look no further than Mehran.

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